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Lighting Control Design & Installation Services

Brighten Your Home with Lighting You Control

Smart lighting control solutions light the way to a new way to experience your home. Our lighting control design & installation services guide the way towards a brighter, more stylish, and fully customized home. With a single touch, you can activate automated lighting solutions that represent your mood or style. With Grow Modern AV, it’s simple.

Get Better Control Of Your Home’s Lighting

Whether you want to save money on your electric bill, reduce your environmental impact, or simply are looking for an easier way to enhance mood lighting, we can help. Our team customizes your lighting in any way you want and makes it easy for you to control it at any time of day.

Voice Command Lighting

Have you ever thought about turning on your lights just with your voice? We can make it happen. Our voice command lighting empowers you to enjoy your home the way you like. We’ll show you how to use our voice-command features and set them up with the features you want, easily.

Dimmable Features

You don’t have to choose between on or off with your lighting. Let us customize your lighting options to include ‘dim’ so you can simply turn your lights down to an acceptable level, instead of off. Tell us about what you want for your home, and we’ll make it happen.

LED Compatible

We work with LED lighting in addition to our other lighting services. LEDs are ideal for longevity and environmental impact. Get high-quality lighting that does what you want it to do, when you choose us.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Some of the many benefits of smart LED lighting include the ability to change colors and dimming according to the hour of the day. Circadian rhythm lighting is the design philosophy that lighting temperatures and dimming should be in tune with our bodies circadian rhythm, to help keep us physically and mentally healthier.

Lutron Petra circadian rhythm lighting

Best Lighting Brands Available

For the absolute best lighting brands, choose our team. We use brands like Lutron and so much more. Connect with us to learn more about the available lighting brands available.