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Ray & Shawn Culver-Williams
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Sam was fantastic to work with. He was incredibly professional, polite and did a great job for us. We'd highly recommend him.
Raymond Gauthier
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Sam not only has all the technical knowledge to solve alarm and smart home issues, but he has the ability and willingness to work with customers to make the best cost/benefit decisions. I’d hire him again in heartbeat.
Danny Robertson
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Sam did a great job installing Lutron lighting throughout new home that we built. I chose Sam for the project because he seemed like a down to earth and honest guy. He was reliable and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with throughout the whole project. He had no problem accommodating our 20ft ceilings and took great care our home. We’re looking forward to hiring same on our next project as we expand our home! His dog Spot is a real treat and made good friends with our dog, Hazel 😊
Gregor Mitchell
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I've worked with Sam a number of times over the years, he's been reliable, knowledgable and communicative...would definitely recommend and work with again!
Shawn Bedwin
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Sam is an expert in his craft and produces quality work! He considers multiple approaches to a task before arriving at the most sensible long-term and future-proof solution. He has the experience of running large scale deployments, while being accessible and affordable to small to mid-size businesses and homeowners. He set up the network and A/V infrastructure for my entire house and it's very well organized and continues to run smoothly. He's very flexible in the way he works, and also adaptable should your project needs evolve. He's an easy going, responsive tradesman with a strong work ethic. Reach out to him if you need help—he'll take good care of you!
Seth Brooks
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I utilized Sam from Grow Modern AV and was just blown away by his service and dedication to leaving me with a ‘Wow’ outcome. He was willing to engage me at my price point and then just went to town to give me a mind blowing out come. He took super personally the delivery of an amazing audio visual experience for my home. He ALWAYS took my call promptly, he clearly spelt out expectations , he was excellent at his craft. I was surprised at his level of knowledge. He always had multiple options to achieve outcome and put me in the driver seat of seeing where the project was steering. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a ‘WOW’ AV setup for their home.. THANK YOU SAM!!!!