Smart home kitchen lighting controlIn the ever changing world of the internet of things (iot) more and more devices are controlled from an app. Smart lights, ovens, washing machines, thermostats, fire places, TVs, house music, security alarms, surveillance cameras, powered window shades and even toasters!.

With each iot device comes its own app. You might be able to consolidate if the devices share the same manufacturer; think Sony, Samsung, or Ring. But say you have five various iot device manufacturers, you now have five different apps on your mobile device. To some people this is less than ideal. Personally I’d rather have an app that can control all of the devices. We’re in luck, thankfully there are some solid ‘DIY’ smart home control systems available.

These ‘DIY’ smart home control systems include Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa Google home and smart door locksSmart Home. These solutions allow a home owner to control iot systems but can be limited. Not all manufacturers are created equal and not everyone plays well with each other. For example, you couldn’t use Amazon Alexa to fully control an Apple TV.

In addition, there are many smart device manufacturers such as Lutron, Sonos, Eero, etc that have extensive iot product lines. Typically the ‘DIY’ geared products are lower in cost, have reduced features, and a limited warranty. If the ‘DIY’ features are enough for what you are wanting to do then that is fantastic. If you want more functionality, and more finish options, the manufacturers typically require you to purchase through a dealer to install it for you.

Smart home theater with big screen tv and inceiling speakers

‘DIY’ smart home solutions can be very powerful and allow the tech savvy homeowner to set up a smart home on their own. So why would you need our services? With our extensive product knowledge and support, we know which systems play well with which devices. We also know when a project has grown beyond the capabilities of a ‘DIY’ system. We’re here to help you identify the best solution for your project regardless of your budget.